RENO (as Producer)

A young couple living in a glass pavilion in the middle of a giant roundabout are endlessly discussing a situation that is increasingly similar to their environment. Thousands of cars are constantly circling around, and at the same time the dialogue is slowly flowing behind the glass, which is reflected in the glass of the pavilion and in the composition of the film itself.

Starring Julia Gostynski, Armin Wahedi, Meggie Schneider, Jürgen Hafemann, Jonny Pazzoi
Director and Writer Julius Weigel 
Co-Writer Julia Gostynski 
DoP Paul Sonntag
Editor Pit Bredimus
Sound Design Celine Jünger
Production Design Tanna Velten
Costume Amani Gowdet, Johanna Ballweg Music Jared Meier-Klodt
Producer Vincent-Kaya Möller