The Commissioners Plan transformed New York's streetscape into a kind of geometric checkerboard pattern that follows a clear structure. The film documents a place in midtown, that can be understood as a kind of "breakthrough", of this rigid plan. While some see this path as a shortcut to skip a block, others take it as shelter. It contains a wide spectrum of people and animals that stand no chance in the brutal machinery of Manhattan: chirping birds, flourishing plants, lovers recovering from the outside world, and of course, the outcasts.

the city is a jungle
a jungle worth saving
save me the sounds
of the jungle city

it's a lot of air
and vibration
through tubes

if I grew up in the jungle
in the jungle
if I grew up in the jungle city
if I grew up in the jungle city

I would grow my roots
in cubes
I would have cube roots
with volumes of planters

a gift from my city